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In New York we offer a FRESH show w. new story, puppets, activities, + dress-up costume #photo-op each week!

Sat, September 21st: "Clem goes GLAMPING!" Hipster Bear wants to be mad authentic to justify all the flannel he wears by going CAMPING! But Clem prefers to GLAMP. Get #RUSTIC and #DIY as we choose between Bear's motorcycle and Clem's Airstream, Bear's packaged Ramen and Clem's housemade Soba, Bear's fishing escapades and Clem's hot tub. But we can all agree to roasting s'mores over an open flame as the stars come out to twinkle... #marshmallows #glamour #insects

September 23rd-28th: "Clem takes a BATH!" This show sounds basic but is truly one of our favorites. RECLAIM the color PINK with Hipster Bear + Flamingo so you can get all pink + clean in our paraben-free bubble bath this week! Make frandz with some rubber ducks and learn that splash-splashing is a thumbs up activity. #quack #bubbles #pinkandclean