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In New York we offer a FRESH show w. new story, puppets, activities, + dress-up costume #photo-op each week!


Nov 25th-30th The Snuggly Gingerbread Man! Nana has a great idea: let’s bake a Gingerbread Man! After we help her with grocery shopping and mix the ingredients in the bowl, we are all set. But when we open the oven, we find more than just a tasty snack inside. . .#cooking #patience #friendsinunexpectedplaces

Dec 2nd- 7th: The Running of the Bulls Show! In a tour of three Spanish-speaking countries, we embark upon visits to Spain, Cuba, and Mexico--- all in 45 minutes! Have you ever seen a baby dressed as Frida Kahlo? Get ready for quite the stampede with some BABY BULLS and practice your cha cha cha--- cuz this show will be MUY CALIENTE, ninos! #unodostres #chachacha #epiceyebrows